Intrinsically Valuable

Every two years APQC conducts a survey that explores process frameworks. Overall, the applications and implementation of frameworks is static. There is an array of ways that organizations use process frameworks. But typically, they use a framework to help them understand and codify their processes—usually to create standardization and a common understanding of what each process means.

Compass and Map

When it comes to documenting and understanding processes, there are three core tools organizations use: frameworks, maps, and models. However, there is often little clarity around the differences between these three tools and they can often be used interchangeably. So, how does one clarify the difference between these tools and understand which one is right for the job?

Low Code

For some time now, we are seeing an increase in platforms that are categorized as “low-code/no-code” software. They are gaining popularity due to their flexibility and capability to automate complex processes in a very simple way. But what does “Low-code/no-code” mean? And, how does it help your company?

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