Analysis of Process Automation Investments

Over the course of Q4 2018, BPM.com conducted market research on end-user organization investment strategies and experiences with Business Process Management (BPM) software platforms. Here is what we found.

The Three R's of Intelligent Automation

In this excerpt from his keynote address at bpmNEXT 2019, Nathaniel Palmer reviews some predictions made in the past years, and outlines the Three Rs of Intelligent Automation.

AI and Me

Robots and AI are redefining the rules for business execution and organizational agility. Investment in new technology is driven foremost by the goals increasing execution capacity (scalability) and organizational agility.

Puppy Robot

You're not gonna build a sentient being out of the gate with your AI practice, so keep expectations in line and look for quick, easy wins in artificial intelligence, don't try to build the sentient being per se.

BPM 2019

What will 2019 hold for Business Process Management? Read the predictions from thought leaders in the industry, including Nathaniel Palmer's overview for the year ahead.

WBTA Awards

BPM.com, the leading source for news, research and online forums on Business Process Management (BPM), announced here today the winners for the 2018 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation.