Reimagining Healthcare and Covid-19

As we watch the Covid-19 crisis unfold I cannot help but think that we are still five minutes into a 24 hour poker game.

It's Time To Build

Every Western institution was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not too early to ask why.

Making AI Work

This is the secret achilles heel of AI: the need for humans to teach machines the things that they are not yet able to do on their own.

Intelligent Automation has emerged as a new discipline for business transformation, combining the traditional capabilities of ACM and Business Process Management (BPM) while extending these beyond what had previously been thought to be the limitations of automation.

Beyond Agile: the Studio Model

While I don't see it as a formal methodology, I actually believe that the most success production model in use today for so many kinds of IP is the Studio Model.


August 28, Boston, Mass. BPM.com, the leading source for news, research and online forums on Business Process Management (BPM), announced here today the winners for the 2019 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation.