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AINS provides a single point of service for designing and implementing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom solutions. We develop, install, train and support our own COTS applications for case management, Freedom of Information (FOI) management and workflow control. Look to our FOIA tracking solutions for complete workflow management automation.

Freedom of Information Request Management:

Leveraging our extensive experience in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request processing gained through implementation of our leading electronic FOIA solution, FOIAXpress, AINS provides comprehensive, cradle-to-grave FOIA services.  

In addition, our new Advanced Document Review (ADR) add-on module for FOIAXpress automates and speeds the document review process for FOIA professionals by removing duplicate and non-responsive documents and emails.

Adaptive Case Management Platform:

Our eCase Platform provides core case management and reporting tools to configure and automate a diverse array of workflow-driven processes.  By placing emphasis on configuration, not coding, eCase allows our customers to quickly deploy applications and modify workflows as their processes change.

Correspondence Management:

The eCase Correspondence application automates the complete correspondence process for all types of correspondence-related workflows including Congressional mail, policy directives, complaints and more.  

Human Resources Management:

Powered by the eCase Platform, AINS eCase HR solution may be configured to automate a variety of HR-related processes, including onboarding, workers compensation, benefits tracking, telework, and reasonable accommodation, among others.  

Audit Management:

eCase Audit automates the complete audit lifecycle: from audit planning, audit performance, and audit follow-up to recommendation tracking and reporting.  eCase Audit provides seamless reporting and tracking across the auditor and auditee roles.



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