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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation has emerged as a new discipline for business transformation, combining the traditional capabilities of ACM and Business Process Management (BPM) while extending these beyond what had previously been thought to be the limitations of automation.

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BPM.comWhere to Begin With Intelligent Automation

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The Future of Business is Now: Appian's Malcolm Ross Makes the Case for Intelligent Automation

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Beyond Agile: the Studio Model

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Winners Announced in 2019 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation

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First Impressions

First Impression: FlowForma Process Automation

Recently our analyst team received a comprehensive demonstration of FlowForma Process Automation. This award-winning Office 365 app sits on top of the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

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First Impression: ADVANTYS WorkflowGen

Our “first impression” of ADVANTYS’ WorkflowGen is a robust workflow automation platform designed for enabling the simplicity of low-code environments, without imposing the implicit compromises the...

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First Impressions: Promapp

Achieving Process Simplicity from Process Complexity Promapp’s low/no-code approach to BPM management is consistent with orientation of otherwise relatively new entrants to the BPM automation ma...

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Latest Whitepapers

Forrester Infographic: Learn From The Best In Your Digital Transformation Journey

This Forrester infographic uses survey data from North American and EU services decision makers at enterprises to give digital business leaders at every firm a benchmark to hit based on the Forrest...

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Process Improvement is the Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Real transformation requires a holistic embracement of new ways of working that leverage advancements in disciplines like artificial intelligence, process automation and intelligent information man...

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RPA, DPA, BPM, And DCM Platforms: The Differences You Need To Know

Customer-obsessed transformation has pushed automation front and center, but it’s difficult to choose among automation tools.

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Online Workflows Advance Aon's Digital Transformation

Like a lot of companies, Aon Insurance is always looking at new ways to improve processes, drive productivity and increase efficiencies.

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Six Ways To Automate Processes And Accelerate Digital Transformation

The idea of process automation is not new and its promise of cost saving and efficiency has always struck a chord with businesses.

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The Future of Work Survey, Part #3

Why humans, AI systems, and robots need to get along at work–and why it’s so hard to do.

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