Dynamic Case Management

Albert Einstein once famously said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
It’s an interesting insight for a man who believed the universe was based
on structured rules that could be discovered.

As Einstein acknowledged that human intuition is a key element to
success, so have many organizations realized structured process solutions
are not adequate to solve today’s dynamic business challenges. Modern
businesses require new software platforms that seamlessly marry
structured process control with knowledge and intuition of employees
to solve increasingly dynamic business challenges.

The new technologies of recent times have changed us all. We have access to more
information than ever before as consumers. The behaviors spawned online and on
mobile devices have made their way into business. Businesses must learn to leverage the
intuition and knowledge of their employees to adapt to this newly dynamic environment.
In doing so, they first must look at process. In an organized process, it is impossible
to predefine every business challenge. Common business needs—like service request
handling, incident management, and investigations—cannot be effectively addressed with
purely process-centric or content-centric solutions.

In this realm of constant change, those that embrace modern technologies that combine
process with the knowledge and intuition of their staff can evolve more quickly and
dramatically impact positive business outcomes.

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