PNMsoft Sequence iBPMS

Introducing PNMsoft Sequence, an Intelligent BPM Suite

Businesses today are realizing that their processes must be more agile. No longer can fully automated, linear processes answer the needs of optimization, response to change and organizational connectivity. The business world requires a more flexible, intelligent solution.

Gartner, a leading Analyst firm, finds that, “Business leaders ...need tools to help manage their processes in a manner that enables them to assess and respond to changing conditions intelligently and swiftly. The iBPMS — a new generation of BPMS enhanced with machine and human intelligence — is an emerging BPM technology that will help meet this need.”

PNMsoft Sequence is an Intelligent Business Process Management Suite which goes beyond the classic feature set of BPM suites and incorporates:

  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Dynamic Process Change
  • User Experience
  • App Studio
  • Process Operation and Tracking
  • Extending Dynamics CRM
  • Itegration with Other Systems
  • Social Collaboration
  • Process Lab
  • Case Management
  • Mobile BPM
  • Cloud Services

...using unique HotChange® technology.

These new capabilities enable businesses to manage their processes more intelligently, continually improve their operations, and integrate multiple stakeholders and technologies, driving their architecture forward. This paper introduces you to these new areas of capability and demonstrates how you can achieve intelligent business operations using PNMsoft Sequence iBPMS.



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