Case Study - Ossur

Improving Customer Service in the Manufacture and Service of Non-invasive Orthopaedics

Össur is a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics. From its headquarters in Iceland, the company maintains a presence in the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond where its mantra, “Life Without Limitations”, is embraced by some 2200 employees. Its pioneering of advanced technology improves the mobility and with it, the quality of life for millions of people. Össur’s expertise includes silicone, carbon composites, mechatronics and textiles and, most recently, the skills and know-how to produce cutting-edge lower-limb bionic technology, arguably the most significant advance to date in the global orthopaedic arena.

The Challenge

A period of rapid growth from acquisitions had seen an expansion in product lines and with it increased complexity. The CF process had not been updated to keep up with these and other changes resulting in a declining capture rate, complicated registration process, and response times to customers which were too long. The CF project’s goals were to capture more feedback, improve CF registration time, speed-up internal investigation and resolution while gathering information from the CF process for product development and R&D. Ambitious targets of an increase in feedback capture by 100 percent and a decrease in resolution time by 60 percent were set.



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