The Case Management Guide

The term “case management” can mean a lot of different things depending on who you are and what you do. Doctors and lawyers are very familiar with the concepts of medical cases and legal cases — basically, as the sum-total of a patient’s or client’s experience across time in a given situation (or combination of situations). But IT Help Desk trouble tickets are also known as cases. The Federal governm ent buys the goods and services it needs through procurement cases. Pharmaceutical companies track drug compliance cases. Sometime a “case” can be a person; sometimes a physical object, sometimes just a collection of data.

So what is case management? It is a specific type of work; a type where processes are less structured, interactions are more ad hoc, events and milestones are hard to timeline. It is a type of work where lots of different data from different sources must be collected, parsed, summarized for decision-making, and acted upon — often in the absence of prescribed process steps. Case management is knowledge work.

This guide will help you better understand case management, as well as available technologies to enable effective case work.

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Download Whitepaper

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