"The ability to connect and manage all assets, products, employees and customers globally, like a network, has not really ever been possible or feasible, as well. Why is this important? Because we are definitively in the era of the platform."
-Alberto Manuel

"When people are busy, a number of really problematic things occur. The urgent drives out the important, for example. People are managing their to-do list instead of managing strategic priorities. People are often manage symptoms rather than solve the root causes, because they have no time."
-Steve Stanton

2016 was characterized by significant digital experimentation with intense customer focus and increased operational efficiency. These themes will continue and be amplified in 2017 along with better security, better business adaptation, more convergence of digital technologies while seeking a bigger set of digital benefits.
-Jim Sinur

"The new wave of automation is bringing many new low-cost, self-service tools into the picture for your business, as well as more complex tools and platforms that may have the potential to radically affect your business processes and operating models; without a clear strategy for how you’re going to engage with new automation tools and approaches, you’ll come unstuck very quickly."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"The systematic implementation of the right process of process management results in a value-driven management discipline which transfers strategy effectively into people and technology based execution—at pace with certainty, using the opportunities of our digital world."
-Dr. Mathias Kirchmer

"The only question is whether a process practitioner is going to function as a technician, helping to analyze processes, or as a strategist, helping to envision how an organizations processes can be transformed. Either way, everyone concerned with process is going to witness amazing changes in processes in the next few years."
-Paul Harmon