Smart Work

In this excerpt from the podcast, Peter Schooff and Steve Stanton of FCB Partners discuss the problem of "busyness" in business, and why that often leads to the dysfunction found in companies trying to implement BPM.

Automation Lifecycle

In addition to the concepts of work and process that are first-class citizens of BPM software technology, automation artefact manufacturing is also first-class in BPM.


Technology exists as a force multiplier for human brawn or human brains. Technology thus helps us do more work with the same resources. As such, BPM software technology, like all technology, helps us with our work.


What’s the problem? Why does a lack of committed leadership typically surface among the top few barriers in practically every survey on the obstacles to successfully transforming operational performance? This article outlines that while there are no pat answers, the success of BPM and other operational improvement projects can be enhanced if leaders were to focus on four key areas.

World Technology

So many technologies! So much business pressure to digitize! So much complexity! Where should we spend our limited time?