Michael Poulin

Dr. Michael Poulin is a co-founder and Head of Enterprise Architecture at Clingstone Ltd. – a firm focused on business change management, enterprise and solutions architecture, and consulting in both Europe and United States.

He focuses on bridging the gap between business architecture and modern technology including methods of BPM and ACM. During his career, Michael worked with technology and financial companies such as Novell, IBM, J.P. Morgan, and in the UK such as Lloyds TSB, QBE, Smyth Superstore and HAVAS Media. Michael is involved in BAWG of WfMC and contributes into OASIS SOA RM and RAF standards. Michael writes in ebizQ BPM, authored such analytical works as “Purpose Case Management” and “Transition of the Mindset: Business Processes Meet Business Services”. He is the author of three books - ”Ladder to SOE”, “Architects Know What Managers Don’t: Business Architecture for Dynamic Market” and “Business Capability for Dynamic Market”.

Articles by Dr. Michael Poulin

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