Anatoly Belaychuk

Anatoly Belaychuk has over 20 years of professional and managerial experience in software and consulting industry. He is acknowledged BPM (Business Process Management) expert, writer, key speaker at BPM conferences, blogger and trainer. His current position is as a BPM Evangelist at Comindware.

Comindware aims to optimize teamwork through a complete professional solution across the enterprise, Comindware provides a full set of products and services for predictive Project Management - Comindware Project and adaptive Business Process Management - Comindware Tracker.

Recent Articles by Anatoly Belaychuk

  • BPMN Potential Is Yet To Be Unlocked

    Lloyd Dugan from BPM.com has proposed a simplified CMMN at the recent bpmNEXT conference in Santa Barbara. The initial point

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  • BPM Maturity Model: Go Deep vs. Go Wide Strategy

    Virtually every company becomes caught by the business process idea, sooner or later. The BPM promises – sales up! costs down!

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  • End-to-End: the Industrial Equipment Case (continued)

    At some point, the company realized that there are two views on the process. From the vendor’s perspective, the process

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  • More on End-to-End Processes

    I personally like process names like "... to ..." – it’s clear where the process starts and where it ends. (Such names are

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  • End-to-End: the Energy Case (continued)

    As every experienced analyst knows, "what the customer asks is not what he wants and what he wants is not

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