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Challenges of Being a BPM Pioneer: Part 2 - Management Work: Modeling Processes

With thinking caps on, we are ready for process modeling! And because we are modeling with BPM technology, we enjoy modeling where work and repetition are first-class citizens of our modeling tools.

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Peter SchooffWhat Are the 'Must Have' Features for Any Case Management Platform?

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The Next Wave of Automation: Neil Ward-Dutton Provides a Preview

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RPA – What Do You Need To Know

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Challenges of Being a BPM Pioneer: Part 1 - Manufacturing The Automation Artefacts Of Business Capability

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First Impressions

First Impressions: Promapp

Achieving Process Simplicity from Process Complexity Promapp’s low/no-code approach to BPM management is consistent with orientation of otherwise relatively new entrants to the BPM automation ma...

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First Impression: BP Logix Process Director 4.0

This BPM.com First Impression examines the new capabilities presented the latest release of BP Logix Process Director, a BPMS industry leader recognized by Gartner, Inc. in the “Magic Quadrant for ...

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First Impression: Comindware Tracker

Recently we had the opportunity to see a demo of Comindware Tracker, a cloud-based BPM platform developed and delivered by a relatively new firm whose promise and intrigued has attracted such notab...

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How to Build a Compelling Case for Process Improvement

When managed well, process improvement programs can fuel efficiency, engagement, profitability, innovation and growth. But how do you make sure you gain the necessary buy-in to kick start your p...

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The Secret to Unleashing an Unstoppable Improvement Culture

In a recent webinar, Promapp's CEO and founder, Ivan Seselj, explored why it’s still the norm for organizations to fail at process improvement efforts. Read on for a summary of the webinar, and to ...

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People Power: Sustaining a Culture of Positive Change

Many organisations and leaders are aware of a growing problem - their operations seem to be getting more complex. Large teams spread across many offices, working in different cities, different stan...

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Procurement's New Chapter: Innovation

Innovations and technological advances are disrupting virtually every industry. And procurement is in a unique position to provide significant value to the enterprise by fostering innovation from s...

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