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The "Busyness" of Business - Talking with Steve Stanton

In this excerpt from the podcast, Peter Schooff and Steve Stanton of FCB Partners discuss the problem of "busyness" in business, and why that often leads to the dysfunction found in companies trying to implement BPM.

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Peter SchooffIs the BPM Industry Ready for a Next 'Round' of Standardization?

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Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things: Speaking With Steve Stanton

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Why BPM Is Unique & Important: Part 4 - BPM Software Technology Ready For Business Use

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First Impressions

First Impression: BP Logix Process Director 4.0

This BPM.com First Impression examines the new capabilities presented the latest release of BP Logix Process Director, a BPMS industry leader recognized by Gartner, Inc. in the “Magic Quadrant for ...

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First Impression: Comindware Tracker

Recently we had the opportunity to see a demo of Comindware Tracker, a cloud-based BPM platform developed and delivered by a relatively new firm whose promise and intrigued has attracted such notab...

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First Impression: Appian and the BPM-based Application Platform

The trend for our “First Impression” series has been to introduce new products and vendors in BPM, and Appian of course is one of the most recognized brands in the space. Yet Appian ...

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Procurement's New Chapter: Innovation

Innovations and technological advances are disrupting virtually every industry. And procurement is in a unique position to provide significant value to the enterprise by fostering innovation from s...

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How Procurement can Deliver Unprecedented Value to the Enterprise

The challenges for procurement organizations have never been greater. But so are the opportunities including the chance to create exceptional value for the enterprise.

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Procurement Analytics: Enabling the journey to value

This research report examines the key issues, and provides recommendations for leveraging data and analytics to help procurement drive greater enterprise value.

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Performance Tracking with Business Process Management

At the core of any successful organization are well-defined and optimized processes. These workflows must be repeatable with predictably strong results to satisfy customer needs and promote growt...

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